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At Wolfe Ridge MFG we get many question on the quality and features of our professional grade log splitters. We have posted a few on this page and would love to hear more from our customers!

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28 Pro ~ If you are splitting wood for personal use, and maybe sell a little wood here and there, the 28 Pro is a great splitter for you

Compact Commercial ~ If you are starting to sell firewood or want a faster machine that will typically stay on or around your property, the Pro 28C is our most popular machine. It's 28 tons of splitting force can really split some gnarly stuff. If you have easy splitting logs cut from a timber stand, the 22C is going to do everything you need. If you get gnarly logs like Elm, Eucalyptus, Hickory and Gum, then the 35C is your best bet!

High Output ~ If you need a machine that you can take on the road for FAST mobile processing, or just want the bigger more stable machine, the High Output model is great for you. Highway towable up to 80 mph, this beast if made to be on the go. These machines include the bigger push blocks, sorting table and Magnum package for some serious production!

SHO and HDI ~ If you are a bigger Firewood company and need to produce wood fast to cover labor costs, the SHO and HDI models will best fit your needs. These models have the same hydraulic system, just choose to have a towable model or a stationary (theft resistant) machine

The 12 way wedge works best for fireplace or bundled wood size splits. Best range is from 12 to 18" diameter. This gives you a good mix of sizes and shapes to promote fast drying and pieces are never too big for most customers. Most pieces are 3" x 4" when used on a 16" diameter log

That all depends on the size of the log... We prefer the 6 way wedge for logs from about 9 to 14" diameter for quick one pass splits. Once you get over that 14" size, it's time to change wedges.

Every wood splitter that we build comes with a Honda or Kubota engine, log lift to handle heavy logs, 4 way hydraulically adjusted wedge, sorting table and is fully assembled, tested and ready to use before it leaves my shop.

Yes, we make a box wedge splitter, but it is built differently than our most popular models. I am not a huge fan of box wedges myself, even though that is the latest fad in the wood splitter industry. Box wedges create a lot more scraps than our star shaped wedges. Putting a log with a circular grain pattern thru a square box blade creates this extra mess. Box wedges also require more tonnage and add more wear and tear on the machine due to shearing thru the logs unnaturally. I prefer to use a 4 way, 6 way and even the 12 way wedge for cleaner splits, less trash and less cycles.

It is very very rare for us to have any sort of used machines here. We build and ship new splitters all over the country. If the customer is looking to upgrade, we help them sell the machine locally to save on transportation costs. Used Wolfe Ridge machines are highly sought after and they do not stay on the market long.

We have a full1 year parts and labor warranty on all of our machines, 3 years on all Honda engines. After that time, we can sell you replacement parts at reduced prices to keep you running for decades to come! If you have trouble with one of my machines, please email pictures here and we will get you fixed up!!