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Customer Reviews - New England Wood Splitter - 1751 W. River Road - Dummerston, VT 05301 - Phone: 802-579-5501

At New England Wood Splitter LLC we get many compliments on the quality and features of our professional grade log splitters. We have posted a few on this page and would love to hear more from our customers!

Wolfe Ridge Owners!!
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Jesse was great to talk with, every thing he said about splitter was dead on, not your typical sale pitch to sell product, just the truth, no pressure. So I got one, best thing I did.

I split around 12 cord a year, this is gonna make my life a lot easier on burning wood for heat for awhile to come, this splitter is the BEST!

Thanks for building a great quality firewood splitter at a reasonable price!
~Scott Buxton
Newfields NH

August 1 2021 - I just want to say that I am extremely impressed with this machine! Great job!

Chris and Jesse,

Today was my first day with my new splitter. I just want to say that I am extremely impressed with this machine! Great job! This is #1350 on Jesse Bristols New England Wood Splitter LLC order.

I will be spreading the word in New England. Home run guys! Take care,
~Claude Sheldon
Coventry RI 02816

January 20 2021 - Year 2 with my Wolfe Ridge Pro, handles everything I put through it..

Year 2 with my Wolfe Ridge Pro Log Splitter, handles everything I put through back says Thank you!

This is red oak, approximately 100 years old.

~Chris A

I just wanted to say thank you for building me such an amazing log splitter. I have yet to find a log that I cant split with ease. This machine shreds through hardwood Up to 3ft in diameter at 24” lengths... I have also yet to find a log the elevator can’t lift... I’ll keep trying though.

The question I did have is if you guys plan on manufacturing a kindling attachment? This is the only thing I struggle with regarding machine.

Ryan Cokic
Bethany, Connecticut

I received my 28 ton high output splitter on Wednesday. I've used it twice since then and I couldn’t be happier. It was built with the user in mind and performs flawlessly.

I've run many other log splitters and this is by far my favorite. The Wolfe Ridge people are friendly and will answer even the dumbest of questions for you. I highly recommend Chris and his guys and their work!!!

~David H - Scott

Just wanted you to know. I couldn’t wait to try out my New 28 Pro Splitter. I had around 10 people at my house tonight and we couldn’t wait for Saturday to start Splitting on the pile of rounds I have accumulated for two weeks, big pile. We threw everything at it we could. Oak, Elm, Maple, big, small, knotty, smooth and straight, that splitter ate them alive. One guy kept grabbing knotty huge pieces trying to stop the splitter, finally he turned around and there wasn’t anything bigger or badder to throw at it. Everyone was really impressed!

Thanks so much for your service and I look forward to the Saturday show down where we go all out splitting wood all day.

Thanks so much! ~Ray

Just wanted you to know we received the PRO 28 log splitter last week and are beyond impressed! I put two cords of wood through it and can’t wait to split through some more maple. Thank you for such a quality, well built machine!

~Eric -